Christmas gift ideas!🎄🎄

I always have trouble thinking of what cheap, fun gifts I can give to my friends. First of all normally I would give them a little nail polish or lip balm. But now they are SUPER exspensive! So instead I thought ‘stationary!’ except all my friends go to different stationary shops?! (why?!) so that was never going to be an easy option. A small bag? Again too exspensive! Then I thought ‘I could make something!’.I mean that way I can personalise it to suit them, I can add Christmas related things to it and I can choose what I want to make! 


Thursday guests

Thursday guest day! So today my special guests are Chloe and Jim Little founders of Darlo. 

I was on a canoe boat bobbing down the Amazon on the Pampas tour when the idea came to me. It was a moment I’ll never forget. 

                -Chloe Hoole-

The darlo story please check this out! 

Christmas kindness!

I hope everybody opened their 3rd window on their advent calendars today! I know I did (I was so excited). Does anyone has a random acts of kindness calendar? Today I looked at the 3rd of December and I picked up litter from my village.Print a kindness calendar from the internet to make a difference every day! 

If one does not share the goodness in his heart, the goodness will seize and turn into badness.

                  -Gina howdson-

Black Friday!!!

I will be going Skiing next year so I was waiting until Black Friday to buy my Ski clothing. I have bought my ski jacket from mountain warehouse.This was on offer! 

I also bought ski pants from Mountain Warehouse. 

I bought Ski gloves. base layers.

You can get these in pink too. You can also buy ski wear from Decathlon, Mini Boden and The north face. Almost every shop has a black friday sale on. So you can get some great deals this weekend.

Please check out Darlo giving!

Darlo is an amazing company that sell ethical baby wear! Each product you buy feeds a child in India for a week! This might not seem like much but the founders: Chloe and Jim little went to India to visit an orphanage and the children there were very grateful. If you know anyone who is exspecting a baby, has a baby (from 0-12 months), or knows someone with any of the above then please contact. 

How to contact?

Thankyou for you support

    Dear future self letter

    Dear future self;

    Do you still love books as much as you did (if not why not!) Is there any advantages in the future? As I’m 10 I will be 20! What is my job? Do i still have this blog? 

    What University did i go to? Just reminding you that this is my blog! Please follow me future me! 

    Love, Ruby (10 years old!)