New years resolutions?

Most people write a list of things they want to achieve or create E.g. (New years resolutions). I don’t really see the point in them. I have goals I try to reach all the time. Having a couple a year has never really worked for me. This year I have wrote a list of five things I would like to achieve. But when I have reached them I will create more and more! This year moving Schools will be a big thing! I would love to hear something you would like to achieve this year! What do new years resolutions do for you?


Happy new year! I wish everyone a great 2017!

First of all I hope everybody has enjoyed my blog this year. I have really enjoyed developing it! I know in a few hours it will be 2017 but I’d like to focus on 2016 for the moment. I feel like 2016 has been a very big year for the world! A lot of political decisions around the world have been made. There will never be another 2016. I have had mixed feelings all through the year. I live in England so have been both shocked and surprised by leaving the EU, David Cameron resigning and having a new Prime minister. But overall I have enjoyed 2016! I do also realise although things might be great for me a lot of things are terrible in war zones. During 2016 a lot of fighting has been happening. I hope for a more peaceful 2017.

My new year’s resolutions:

  • To try really hard during exams
  • To get along with people no matter who they are and how stressful I am feeling
  • To settle into my new School and to work very hard
  • To help my Friends no matter what
  • To try something new

Lets embrace the new year! Bring it on 2017!

Please have a look at Darlo this year! Darlo giving blog post

The website and blog post are linked!

I hope for the best 2017 (I mean what could happen?!) Happy new year!



I know I said I had taken a break but…

So I know what you are thinking and I know I said I was taking a break until 2017 but I have forgotten to tell everyone who follows and likes my blog. I will be available from 2017 but I will not be checking my notifications straight away due to some delays. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. From now to tomorrow I may be able to answer a few questions you may have although please if you do have any questions it is better for me to ask them sooner rather than later.

Ruby, merry Christmas (again!)

Advent ft. regina5000

Hi guys welcome to our collab! Today I’d like to focus on Advent. Advent means something different to us all. We should therefore celebrate advent! To Christians, Christmas is the run up to Jesus’ birthday. To non-religious people advent is the run up to Santa’s appearance. Unfortunately some people in the world will not be celebrating Christmas this year. When we open our gifts on Christmas day we should be thankful. For not only what we are receiving but what we have around us. This will be my (Ruby)last blog post until 2017. I will be taking a break from blogging for a bit because I will be busy over Christmas. I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I will look at my notifications in 2017 so I will from now on be uncontactable. 

Merry Christmas,


P.S: I have planned this collab with regina5000 she will be writing a blog post on advent too. Please check this out! (Sorry I don’t have a link).

Collabed Christmas Blogmas! 

I know I keep saying this but the collabed blogmas will hopefully be on this weekend. We have had some dalays but now we are ready to go! Thanks for your patience and your support we both really appreciate it. Shout out to regina5000 

who I will be doing the collab with. We will be using this posts comment box as a planning space. We would appreciate it if you didn’t look at the comments please. I appreciate that it may be hard but please try not to. 


Most inspirational blogger results!

Me and regina5000 are going to be doing a colloborated blogmas! This is my first ever blogmas so I’m so excited. Please check this out as I love blogmas and reading collabs! Keep working on your blogs and maybe you will win the comp next year!

  1. Marioness 
  2. Chocolate pages
  3. beafree 
  4. regina5000
  5. annabee20 

Shout out to these bloggers because they really inspire me. Keep working on yours to win next year!

Exciting collab!

I will be doing my first collab either at the end of December or early January. I am going to post a blogmas series with regina5000 I will link her blog at later date. Please check this out when we eventually make it. It will possibly be christmas themed if in december! So excited for this can’t wait!