Black Friday!!!

I will be going Skiing next year so I was waiting until Black Friday to buy my Ski clothing. I have bought my ski jacket from mountain warehouse.This was on offer! 

I also bought ski pants from Mountain Warehouse. 

I bought Ski gloves. base layers.

You can get these in pink too. You can also buy ski wear from Decathlon, Mini Boden and The north face. Almost every shop has a black friday sale on. So you can get some great deals this weekend.


Please check out Darlo giving!

Darlo is an amazing company that sell ethical baby wear! Each product you buy feeds a child in India for a week! This might not seem like much but the founders: Chloe and Jim little went to India to visit an orphanage and the children there were very grateful. If you know anyone who is exspecting a baby, has a baby (from 0-12 months), or knows someone with any of the above then please contact. 

How to contact?

Thankyou for you support

    Dear future self letter

    Dear future self;

    Do you still love books as much as you did (if not why not!) Is there any advantages in the future? As I’m 10 I will be 20! What is my job? Do i still have this blog? 

    What University did i go to? Just reminding you that this is my blog! Please follow me future me! 

    Love, Ruby (10 years old!)

    It is almost Christmas!

    It is exactly 34 days and 12 hours until christmas day! When posting Christmas or winter related things #almost-christmas and then when searching for Christmas things they can just search one thing! Christmas decorations are a really festive way of brightening your room, house, door and garden.To make them look like winter wonderlands you will need;

    • A4 Card
    • double sided tape or double sided sticky pads
    • wool/string 
    • possibly glitter/sparkles
    • Scissors
    • glue stick

    First take your card and your scissors (get an adult to help you cut!)now cut a christmas tree shaped out draw first in pencil please get an adult to help you cut!It might help to lean on something.It does not need to be perfect or anything just a triangle.Then cut it out.Now take your sticky pads/glue. If you have sticky pads use them! Find something harder to lean on if you are leaning on something soft.stick your sticky pads to the tree or put on some glue in random places.Take you wool/string and stick it to the glue/sticky pads.Do this for every one.Now write a christmas quote in pencil/felt tip here is my favourite:​Then stick it to your tree!

    book quiz

    This is an idea a lot of bloggers have used so I thought I’d do it too. 

    myth or real life?

    I love both but I’d say real life I love finishing a book and thinking ‘that actually happened’.

    Reading at the library on your own?

    I love reading at home because unlike the library I can relax.

    Films or books?

    I love films but I like imagining what is happening too so books.

    Funny books or serious books?

    Serious books although I love funny books too.

    Reading on a screen or out of a book?

    A book definatly because my eyes start to hurt when I look at a screen too much. 

    Thanks for reading! If you have different answers to mine then share them with me and others!

    Book recommendations 

    These books I have really enjoyed! The girl of ink and the stars I thought was best. It is a story of a magical world and a girl goes on an adventure into the unknown…But the other books are great too! If you have not read Harry Potter you are missing out! I love it. There is a new film in the cinema, fantastic beasts and where to find them the next one from the deathly hallows! Please try them and if anyone has any other suggestions please comment.